The Program

Yeshivas Arzei Levanon strives to provide a balanced approach to Torah education, while recognizing that each child has unique skills, interests and strengths. To be a confident, successful individual, this innate potential must be developed in a positive, warm atmosphere.

• Clarity and Retention of Limudei Kodesh • Skills For Life Program • Elective Program • Shalom Aleichem Program

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Elective Program

Each afternoon, the students participate in a variety of educational, physical and creative activities which provide a unique outlet for each boy to develop their talents and build their confidence and motivation.

• Guitar • Keyboard • Carpentry • Science/Nature • Fun Math • Acrobatics • Nature/Agriculture • Kedushas Eretz Yisroel • Karate


Mission Statement

In a nutshell, the Mission of Arzei Levanon is to enable young men to reach their highest potential in learning Torah, while developing life-skills and building themselves into confident and motivated ovdei HaShem.

The Yeshiva inspires Talmidim to develop their unique talents and skills through a range of elective courses, and the warm close support of their rabbeim.